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Rolex Day-Date: the calibre 3255 open-heart

July 21, 2015

The new Rolex Day-Date is a pure aesthetic success. In all respects perfect! But it outside, however beautiful it may be, must not make us forget that the Interior of this timepiece of top-flight is a formidable machine to measure the time which passes. Indeed, the new calibre 3255 from Rolex, sets a new standard of performance where precision, autonomy, resistance to shocks, magnetism, setting comfort and reliability are the word masters.

First of all, you should know that the criteria of accuracy to the porter of the calibre 3255 (which is available only on the Day-Date 40 mm) are twice as demanding as those of an officially certified chronometer. This "superlative" precision as indicated by the mark to the Crown, is tested by Rolex after casing with equipment of high technology and a proprietary methodology that simulates an actual wear! Autonomy reached three days (approximately 70 hours), a gain of 24 hours (+ 50%) compared to the previous generation, which allows to easily spend the weekend without reassembly.

On the other hand, the movement remains insensitive to magnetic interference beyond the values encountered in everyday life. Impact resistance and reliability have been optimized both in the architecture of the movement at the level of the individual components, as well as by the use of lubricants high-performance developed and synthesized internally. Finally, adjusting and operating comfort is increased, either by a self-winding faster and more efficient processing positions of the winding-stem, a correction of the calendar at any time without restriction or a set very precise.

This mechanical self-winding movement was fully developed and manufactured by replica Rolex watch. It relies on fourteen patents and many innovative technical solutions. They apply by elsewhere as much in the design of components as to manufacturing processes, which are based on new technologies and push the limits of the current means of production. More than 90% of the elements of the movement have been redesigned and optimized, since the production and storage of energy (module with automatic winding and spring barrel) until the body regulating responsible for accuracy (oscillator), passing by COG train and exhaust. The latter, which transmits to the oscillator the necessary impetus for its regular operation, subject to a major innovation patented by Rolex as Chronergy.

Rolex engineers are indeed managed to design and patent a new exhaust system that optimizes the performance of the anchor escapement Swiss - the standard of Swiss watchmaking, whose technical evolution seemed limited for more than fifty years. Praised by watchmakers for its high reliability, the Swiss lever escapement has always suffered from poor performance, returning to the oscillator a little more than a third only of energy it receives the barrel via COG train. From highly researched, the geometry of the new exhaust Chronergy from to 15% efficiency of this key component. It thus contributes to almost half to increase the autonomy of the movement. Produced in nickel-phosphorus Replica watches, Chronergy exhaust is also perfectly insensitive to magnetic interference.

With this new generation movement, Rolex redefines a level of chronometric precision beyond the criteria of the COSC (Controle Officiel Switzerland of chronometers). Crown mark has developed a new methodology and high-tech equipment to test the accuracy of his superlative chronometer twice as demanding tolerances as the official certification, and in conditions that simulate a real porter, more representative of the daily experience of the customer.

These exclusive chronometric tests complement the official COSC certification, which all Rolex movements continue to be systematically subjected. They are made not only motion, but on the assembled watch, after the movement casing. A specific test protocol was developed by Rolex on the basis of large-scale statistical studies to determine the conditions to bring real watch. In the end, chronometers Rolex equipped with tested movements according to this new methodology displayed so to wear unmatched accuracy.

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